Angelina Padron 
Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

I specialize in Personal Advancement with selective training in BioEnergetic Medicine and Integrative Breathwork to activate full human potential.

Through presentations or personal sessions, I present a reconnection using Somatic Psychology to elevate duality consciousness to unity consciousness and life mastery.

Following a code of honor that promotes healthy feelings, actions, thoughts and beliefs – I have developed a unique set of skills in energy anatomy starting fifteen years ago when I became certified in integrative breathwork through the American Heart Association. I discovered that oxygen was the spirit in physical form and became curious on how that entangled in physical anatomy.

Fascinated with circuitry, I received a license at The American Reflexology Certification Board, and served on a professional licensing board at Mayfield College to provide guidance to health care providers on integrative approaches on healthcare leadership.

This led to my Introduction of Psychology & The Science of Well-Being certifications from Yale University, my license in Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique and The Energy Codes through the Morter Institute, and now practicing as an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner from Discover Healing.

Sharing my life-changing awakenings and new approach to living has been one of my greatest joys and I hope to share it with you, as well.

“The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift and The Rational Mind is a Faithful Servant. We have created a society that Honors The Servant and Has Forgotten The Gift.”
-Albert Einstein

Energy Healing

The mission of an Emotion Code Practitioner is to develop a clear understanding of energy healing, compassionate intentions, wisdom, and balance. A calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your mind with somatic and cathexis therapy. Supporting integrative holistic practices for a greater evolutionary impulse towards wholeness.

The art of balancing the body, mind, memory and spirit energy fields.

  • Emotion Energy sessions
  • Integrative Breath Work
  • Chakra Cleansing
  • Pregnancy Central Channel Breathing
  • Course in Miracles
  • Pranayama Fire Codes
  • Herbalism
  • Numerology

The Umbrella of Energy

Western and Eastern Medicine

Until a few years ago, modern medicine was divided into two main categories: Western and Eastern medicine.

Western healthcare, also called allopathic or traditional medicine, is mechanistic. Western practitioners seek to alleviate symptoms for underlying causes with tested and verifiable methods. We must honor this approach, because where would we be without antibiotics, prescription drugs, surgery, or devices?

Eastern medicine is often labeled alternative, complementary, or natural care. It is a holistic approach, treating mind, body, and soul, – and, addresses underlying causes rather than just symptoms. Treatment might focus on emotional, mental, or spiritual concerns and becoming whole.

Energetic medicine usually falls into the “Eastern Medicine” category, because it hasn’t been compared correctly. Energy medicine actually involves the study and applications of the body relationship to electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields that are components, principles and applications to the physical and cellular being. Energy anatomy does not belong to the East or West because the two are actually one and the same. And, the world might not be ready to completely link these categories under one umbrella of “energy” – yet.

A newly coined term that combines Western and Eastern modalities is Integrative Medicine. Integrative practices neither reject conventional medicine nor uncritically embrace alternative therapies; rather, integrative medicine can be described as a practice that “cherry picks” the best and scientifically supported therapies of both systems. The ultimate goal: to get the patient better, through the use of safe, effective, less-invasive interventions whenever possible.

What is Subtle Energy?

Subtle energy is created in physical reality because it’s simply just energy.

Western vernacular and science haven’t coined subtle energy properly because of the multiple platforms’ subtle energy effects. The ancients employed their inner senses and describe it as the intuitive language of the body. The existence of the subtle energy biofield organizes biological processes from subatomic, molecular, cellular, and organismic to the interpersonal and cosmic levels. Subtle energy obeys some – but not all – of the same laws as does physical matter, its counterpart. Yet, it can be somewhat defined in comparison to physical energy.

Physical energy manifests in the positive time-space frame, it is electrical in nature, and has positive mass. It travels slower than the speed of light and gives rise to gravity. This means that you can see it. Subtle energy, however, occupies the next time space frame (or the time-space frames), manifests in the negative time-space frame and has negative mass. It is magnetic in nature and travels faster than the speed of light. It gives rise to what some call levitational force. This means that you can’t see it, but it can be shown to exit, because we can perceive its effect.

Subtle energy radiates their own unique characteristics, because there is not just one type and each one occupies a different time space domain and adapts – but also instructs. The laws differ on each level because energy gets denser, – but, it can enable the invisible to power a thousand suns (Solar Plexus).

How does Bioenergetic Synchronization or The Body Code work?

Modern science is just now beginning to acknowledge and understand the principles of healing energy work – that the physical body is influenced by both electrical and magnetic energy fields. When these powerful forces become imbalanced in their expression, disruption in the flow of well-being results. BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique or The Body Code is learning how to work with energy instead of working through the story of our lives, our history, and overcoming our limited beliefs that can navigate a new way of life.

We start by identifying blockages through a method called muscle testing. This determines if a homeopathic remedy can correct a meridian imbalance based on the patient’s electronic-resonance reaction. This is considered a form of biofeedback using kinesiology that analyzes the chemical, structural, and mental aspects of the body’s current state.

It takes into account the following key functions of the body:

     -Nervous system health

     -Neurolymphatic system

     -Neurovascular system

     -Cerebral-spinal fluid

     -Acupuncture meridians

Muscle testing is simply to understand where disconnection has occurred. This usually stems from emotionally experiences that are unresolved. When an emotional experience is magnified by the conscious mind, it has a short circuitry effect that a person has some sort of muscle resistance. This used to be analyzed by biomechanical and neurological functions including posture, ranges of motion, and physiological responses to physical, chemical, or mental stimuli.

A western approach to muscle testing (kinesiology) usually falls under acupuncture; which sends a direct message to the body using needles or electrical stimulation in certain areas of the body that forces energy to move and release faster.

Muscle testing creates a language through the central nervous system that pushes the reset button on circuitry using natural healing modalities. It identifies blocks with a somatic approach, directing energy with breathwork, and restoring communication that has been dispersed by stressful experiences. This healing starts from the inside out and releases an energy that no longer serves the mind, body, and soul.

How does a trapped emotion develop?

My personal introspective observations from trapped emotions are based from electrical synapses with biochemical emotional influences and neuropeptides that perhaps influences the mind, body, and soul.

Using the term trapped emotions, it’s in the broadest of terms, this includes not only what occurs from experiences that cause reactions, such as anger, sadness, fear, as well as enjoyment, or judgement; but, also basic sensations that cause bodily disturbance like tightening, dysfunctional organs and glands, chemical imbalances, depression or chronic stress that gets recorded in the body.

Trapped emotions become purely visceral, that is, originating in the body after the perception of an event. On a subconscious level – this builds an immediate sensory that joggles memories, imagination, and activates motor reverberations that can occur in response. If the intensity and duration of trapped emotions is unable to receive the needed consolation or validation; the body will remain blocked, and easily remain sick.

As a result of my own personal work, along with many others with presentations in numerous theoretical papers and lectures, there is now much evidence to support this theory of trapped emotions.

My Approach

my specializations

Evoking courage and circuitry with protection and cleansing.

Discovering desire to fully ignite the miraclous

Aligning back to purpose, expanding views to the posibilities. 

Nutritional education and restoring awareness to change the shift.

Listen deeply and the heart responds; accepting benevolence love appears.

The visionary grounding stability and honoring inner wisdom. 

healthy life

My Specializations

New components of quantum healing sessions or courses involve various topics in education and Inner Child, The Miracle Zone, Relationships & Love, The Emotion Code & Balance, Grievances and New Beginnings, Pregnancy and Weight Management.


In ancient times breath work was considered the secret language of the Gods, Kings, and Queens. They understood that the breath was the spirit in physical form and the breath supported the code of life.

Breathing is a neurological and motor activity that acts as an integrator meaning it weaves together anatomy, thoughts, sensations, and chemistries on a physical level.

During a session or class, I provide curriculum and exercises that use the breath for boosting the immune system, enriching emotional issues with self-development, and assist connection for vitality.

Some of these practices are based on:

-Central Channel Breathing

-The Fire Codes


-Chakra Elevator Breathing

-A Thousand Tiny Straws

-Fern Frond Breath

And more…..

Inner Child

Inner child sessions address unresolved emotional issues like phobias, “communication problems”, destructive habits (addiction, self-sabotage), identity confusion (“Who AM I”), and generalized feelings of low-self worth. We can only give others what we have practiced giving ourselves.

Each of these energies manifest differently, but they’re all tied to one thing: inherited/conditioned behaviors practiced since childhood that have become second nature that responds from a subconscious level. Reparenting yourself and allowing certain energy to be removed from your life presents discipline, but gives an unique opportunity to heal. To open space and fill what wasn’t received through a beginner’s mind.

Ask your inner child to lead the way and see where it takes you!

The Miracle Zone

Looking through the spectacles of miracles, we must adjust the level of perception. Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind, or a state of miracle-readiness. A major contribution of miracles is their strength in releasing a false sense of isolation, deprivation and lack; because your body is built to maintain homeostasis and to resist change. It believes that staying safe is to stay in old familiar mindsets.

If abundance isn’t flowing, it’s because there’s a conscious or unconscious block within. These blocks can relate to limiting beliefs we picked up in life or during childhood, such as: Money is the root of all evil, abundance is not spiritual, or wealth in any area only comes from struggle and hard work.

Shifting our perspective to a sacred place of miracles requires a journey beneath the surface depths of the soul’s desires. Longing can easily become misinformed without the proper guidance. We must return to the core of self and take the path of the heart, because that’s the soul’s home. That’s where you’ll exhibit your “wants” so the universe can start working on the “how.” This voyage starts with practices from Course of Miracles, Matrix Healing, and Bioenergetic Synchronization Techniques to expand your views – and, therefore your experience – of the possible.

Relationships & Love

Love and Relationship Sessions can go countless different ways. Love is the highest frequency in the body, and generating relationships requires identifying how we choose to love. Being unattached or detached from love can play a significant role in relationships because of the behavioral traits that arise from betrayal, abandonment, heartache, insecurity, love unreceived, or bitterness. To prosper in love requires refreshing the relationship with the core to create new opportunities for the future. The heart is the control center for love – It can untangle pain, move stuckness, and will attach connectedness.

The heart and love is the catalyst to transformation which activates on a cellular level. This activation ignites pure intimacy, and has the power to venture on the deepest realms of healing so you can access lifes fullest potential and train it to stay.

The Emotion Code & Balance

You’re never stuck for the reason you may think you are. An Emotion Code/ Body Code (Bioenergetic synchronization) session exhibits the beauty of our system: what is hidden seeks to be revealed with the ability to mobilize energy.

To promote healing by reconnecting the neurocircuitry between the conscious and subconscious, creating communication patterns in the autonomic nervous system that let the body know “all is well.” And when your body knows “all is well,” true healing can occur.

These techniques are similar to acupressure where it works with electromagnetic energy to stimulate the body’s natural energy flow. As the body receives the signal to relax, healing energy that is naturally present becomes activated. Whether a physical injury, and emotional upset, or spiritual crisis, anything that plays a role in the decline of health is simply a pattern that can be disrupted and dissolved. 

Grievance & New Beginnings

Grief can feel like a slow motion experience where time typically tempers its intensity.

The bereavement reaction encompasses a range of emotions. This practice utilizes a diverse healing strategy that addresses intense emotional energy for those who are struggling with more than usual.

The restoration is focused on adapting a new reality, bioenergetic therapy, cleansing, personal development, intrapersonal processes, and reorganizing plans for the future.

This healing sequence honors the core and time, because it’s a direct statement of faith that arises fluidity.

Pregnancy Grasp

The bond between mother and child goes deeper, lasts longer, and can be more beneficial than previously thought. This is because the bond is not only biological, it is cellular. The cellular connection also suggests the presence of subtle energy bonds. This connection begins at conception, with the mitochondria. 

Your vibration and cells will swim in the environment you create. Using polarity therapy like antennas – we detect and send signals to release past, present, or inherited emotional baggage. Redirecting energy is also beneficial with stabilizing hormones, strengthening the nervous system, and enhancing spiritual insight for intuitive awareness.

 Also, taught practices with central channel breathing for nauseousness, anxiety, or other feelings of discomfort. Plus, chakra cleansing to open awareness and creativity for the cervix to follow. 

Weight Management

If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

Weight management sessions create a template for realistic change. Culture is often more accustomed to responding reactively to our external environment than proactively generating from within – the life we would truly love.

This transformation speaks to the chemistry code that focuses on the alchemy of embodiment. To see if you’re starving or feeding emotional hunger for punishment – or to satisfy comfort in deeper-rooted issues. This consideration shows a different aspect of your existence. One that pioneers from cleansing the three brains, removing blockages, and gives supportive strategies that honors the body to fuel the life you truly want. Designing a program that is realistic, providing critical tools for accomplishments, and enhancing personal wellness.

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