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In ancient times breath work was considered the secret language of the Gods, Kings and Queens. They understood that the breath was the spirit in physical form and the breath supported the code for life.

Breathing is a neurological and motor activity that acts as an integrator meaning it weaves together anatomy, thoughts, sensations, and chemistries on a physical level.

The breath is the fastest way to rebuild our image with new circuitry that develops our greatest potential; and It is only in our potential that contains creation in our life force.

Some of the practices and exercises I provide are:

     • Central Channel Breathing

     • The Fire Codes

     • Pranayama

     • Chakra Elevator Breathing

     • Thousand Tiny Straws

     • Fern Frond Breath

    • Emotional Body Scanning Breath

Being aware of your breath can be your biggest superpower, safety card, and healing tool you have.

“Between stimulus and response lies a space. In that space lies our breath, freedom, and power to choose a response. In our response lies our growth and happiness.”

-Viktor Frankl, Holocaust Survivor