History and Experience of Cacao

I would like to invite you to open your mind and spirit to a Cacao Ceremony. Where I will build a bridge between the material and spiritual world with a felt demonstration of how the power of the universe works.

Cacao is a plant that takes root from Central and South America which originated from the Aztecs and Mayans. They believed the plant was gifted from the Gods because of its magical benefits and named it “Theobroma” which translates “Food of the Gods.” When the Cacao plant grabbed the attention of the spiritual soul that creativity was used for medicinal and ritualistic purposes.

When I host a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, I always purchase my Cacao from Guatemala. If I use spices or herbs, it will be based on ayurveda interconnectedness or cleansings. Otherwise, I keep it pure and rich to taste the bean and our ancestral lineage.

Through ceremony we’ll pay tribute to the importance of life’s events to remind us how intimately connected we are with the gods and nature. It is an excellent way to honor the soul, rhythm of life, changed seasons, or to bring peace in our lives as it continues.

When presenting a Cacao Ceremony, I always build an altar that’s created from a place that may provoke spiritual presence with sacred energy tools, plant life, fire, pictures, stones, and more! Because altars are placed to honor and beam energy that offers and collects peace that’s spiritually elegant and satisfying.

Cacao Ceremonies may seem complex, but the simplest ones are most precious. During our session, I will train you how you can use this method in your daily life with a practice called, Earth Element Spirit Dreaming. It’s designed for eco-therapy to access profound mindfulness. This ecological consciousness is to awaken our sensory perception that portals spiritual connectedness.

I was certified and trained in Tulum, Mexico. I present an ambience for a remembering experience that’s devoted to ancestral healing, breathwork, Earth Elements, dance, music, and the best brew I can make. My goal is to awaken the true warrior, visionary teacher, and healer that opens the heart center.

If you are curious about these ceremonies, please keep a look out for upcoming events or schedule a complementary call to make arrangements to have a ceremony or session. And you can also contact me through email.

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