Have you ever been to a Cacao Ceremony?

Welcome to an invitation that will expand your mind and spirit, inviting you to delve into something truly authentic. Together, we will build a bridge between the material and spiritual realms, offering a tangible demonstration of the remarkable workings of the universe.

I am honored to guide you through an extraordinary cacao ceremony, unlike any other you have experienced. Here’s what sets my ceremonies apart:

• Ayurveda-inspired Infusions: Immerse yourself in the healing power of spices and herbs carefully selected based on Ayurvedic principles.

• Astrologically Guided Formulas: Experience unique blends and concoctions crafted specifically to harmonize with the energy of astrology, creating a profound connection to the cosmos.

• Qigong & Tai Chi Movement: Engage in gentle movements inspired by Qigong and Tai Chi, cultivating a state of inner harmony and balance.

• Breathwork Inspired by Andrew D. Huberman & Dr. Sue Morter: Harness the transformative potential of breath as we explore techniques derived from the pioneering work of Andrew D. Huberman and Dr. Sue Morter.

• Visualization & Sensation Meditation: Embark on a journey of self-discovery through powerful visualizations and sensory-focused meditations that awaken your inner awareness.

• Ethical Sourcing: Rest assured that the cacao used in our ceremonies is sourced exclusively from non-enslaved farms in Guatemala, ensuring a sustainable and ethical practice.

• Duration: Each ceremony lasts approximately 45 to 75 minutes, providing ample time for deep immersion and profound experiences.

• Unique Musical Approach: While we don’t engage in traditional campfire songs, we create a captivating and transformative atmosphere through carefully curated music that complements the ceremony.

I firmly believe that plants are sacred love letters from the Earth, carrying within them magnetic benefits for our well-being. The Cacao plant, in its purest form, is a remarkable gift that nourishes both the physical and energetic bodies in a truly medicinal way. It is this belief that drives me to craft rituals that foster transformation and elevate consciousness.

If you are curious to explore these transformative ceremonies further, I invite you to schedule a complimentary call with me. Together, we can make arrangements for a ceremony or session that will leave you with a profound sense of connection and rejuvenation. You can reach me via email or simply give me a call.

Embrace this opportunity to embark on a sacred journey of self-discovery and healing. The path awaits you, and I am honored to be your guide.

What is Cacao?

Cacao, revered as one of the healthiest and most complex foods on Earth, holds a rich history intertwined with both nutrition and supernatural qualities. Its origins can be traced back to the Mayan word Chocol’ha, and the verb chokola’j, which beautifully signifies the act of “drinking chocolate together.”

Mesoamerican civilizations were the first to embrace the power of cacao, considering it a coveted treasure reserved for the privileged few. Only the elite, including royal houses, nobles, priests, shamans, high-ranking officials, artists, and merchants, were granted access to this divine elixir that bestowed healing properties and boundless energy.

With the arrival of the Spanish in the 1500s, cacao made its way to Europe, captivating the New World and transforming the landscape of medicinal practices. Cacao even became a form of currency, exerting its influence as empires rose and fell. In 1753, the renowned scientist Carl Von Linnaeus bestowed upon it the name Theobroma, meaning “Food of the Gods,” solidifying its status as a celestial gift.

Cacao, in its truest form, is derived from a single ingredient—cacao beans. It is essential to distinguish between chocolate and cacao in Western culture, as the two are often confused. Chocolate represents cacao infused with dairy, sugars, and various additives, while cacao embodies the raw, unadulterated essence of this remarkable plant. The cacao beans, sourced from the fruit pods of Theobroma cacao trees, provide the foundation for this extraordinary creation.

Delve into the captivating world of cacao, where its nutritional potency and mystical allure converge. Join us on a journey of discovery as we unravel the secrets and celebrate the ancient wisdom encapsulated within each cacao bean. Experience the essence of this revered “Food of the Gods” and embrace the transformative power it holds.

How do we use cacao?

According to ancient legends, cacao has long been revered for its ceremonial applications. Individuals would partake in sipping liquid cacao, immersing themselves in a mindful state to invite healing energies. Today many conscious communities continue to honor these traditions, while others forge new paths in their pursuit of nutritional well-being. The beauty of cacao lies in its versatility, allowing you to infuse it with your own intentions and curiosities. By incorporating cacao into your diet, you unlock a realm of potential benefits, empowering you to embrace the healing journey of your choice. Cacao becomes what you envision and desire, offering a personalized pathway to wellness.

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