Have you ever been to a Cacao Ceremony?

Here’s my invite for you to open your mind and spirit to something authentic. Where we will build a bridge between the material and spiritual world with a felt demonstration of how the power of the universe works.

I facilitate an uncommon cacao ceremony, meaning:

   • I use spices and herbs that are based on Ayurveda healing

   • I design outlines & concoctions based on astrology

   • I add in Qigong & Tai Chi gentle movement

   • I open with Breath-work (Andrew D. Huberman & Dr. Sue Morter Methods)

   • Visualization & Sensation mediation

   • I only buy from non-enslaved farms in Guatemala

   • Duration 45-75 minutes

   • I don’t sing campfire songs

I believe the plants are sacred love letters from the Earth that hold magnetic benefits. And, my belief is the Cacao plant (the purest form of chocolate) helps nourish both the physical and energetic body in a medicinal way. That is why I create rituals that benefit transformation consciousness shifts.

If you are curious about these ceremonies, please schedule a complementary call to make arrangements to have a ceremony or session. And you can also contact me through email or simply call me.

What is Cacao?

Cacao is one of the healthiest and most complex foods on Earth. Since antiquity Cacao has been known for its nutritional power and supernatural properties.

The word Cacao (pronounced ka-COW) originated from the Mayan word Chocol’ha, as well as the verb chokola’j which means ‘to drink chocolate together’.

The Mesoamerican civilizations were the first to capitalize cacao. It was considered a prize possession that was only for the elite (royal houses, nobles, priests, shamans, highest government officials, artists, and merchants) and was a pillar of their economies. For them it was a godly potion that bestowed healing power and energy.

The Spanish seized the shores of Mexico in the 1500’s and brought cacao back to Europe. The New World and Europe started to use Cacao for medicinal purposes and cacao became a form of currency. Empires rose and collapsed and Cacao was officially renamed to Theobroma, which translates to “Food of the Gods” by scientist Carl Von Linnaeus in 1753.

Cacao is manufactured from a single ingredient – cacao beans. There’s a confusion in the western culture between chocolate and cacao. Chocolate is a form of Cacao with added dairy, sugars, and god knows what. Cacao is chocolate in its raw purest form. Cacao is derived from the seeds (also known as cacao beans) that come from the fruit pods from the Theobroma cacao tree.

How do we use cacao?

Legend teaches us that Cacao has been used in ceremonies. People would sip on liquid cacao and place themselves in a mindfulness state to receive healing. Many conscious communities still practice these rituals and others are creating their own repetition for nutritional well-being. The fun part of Cacao is pursuing it with your intention and curiosity. As you incorporate cacao into your diet; you can receive benefits that spark the rightful healing of your choosing – However, YOU MAKE IT WHAT YOU WANT.

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