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chakra Cleansing

If you have some insight on chakras but don’t know what chakra cleansing is – you’re not alone.

The chakras are circular energies of light that regulate the physical body and await spiritual activation.

One way to understand how the chakras work is to imagine your body as an apartment building. Your nervous system is the elevator shaft that delivers you on certain floors of the chakras.

If you arrive on a floor (Chakra level) and one of the apartment doors won’t open – it may feel blocked or has a barrier of interference or density. This can cause unbalanced energy, develop disease, or negative outcomes throughout your system.

The chakras have been described as “Wheels of Light.”

My job is to turn the handle and open the pathways that carry information and remove any unwanted energy – Most importantly train you how to find it.

We can use body scanning for this, pendulums, instruments, magnets, herbs, breath and body work.

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