The Umbrella of Energy

Subtle Energy

Subtle energy is created in physical reality because it’s simply just energy.

Western vernacular and science haven’t coined subtle energy properly because of the multiple platforms’ subtle energy effects. The ancients employed their inner senses and describe it as the intuitive language of the body. The existence of the subtle energy biofield organizes biological processes from subatomic, molecular, cellular, and organismic to the interpersonal and cosmic levels. Subtle energy obeys some – but not all – of the same laws as does physical matter, its counterpart. Yet, it can be somewhat defined in comparison to physical energy.

Physical energy manifests in the positive timespace frame, it is electrical in nature, and has positive mass. It travels slower than the speed of light and gives rise to gravity. This means that you can see it. Subtle energy, however, occupies the next time space frame (or the timespace frames), manifests in the negative timespace frame and has negative mass. It is magnetic in nature and travels faster than the speed of light. It gives rise to what some call levitational force. This means that you can’t see it, but it can be shown to exit, because we can perceive its effect.

Subtle energy radiates their own unique characteristics, because there is not just one type and each one occupies a different time space domain and adapts – but also instructs. The laws differ on each level because energy gets denser, – but, it can enable the invisible to power a thousand suns (Solar Plexus).


In ancient times breath work was considered the secret language of the Gods, Kings and Queens. They understood that the breath was the spirit in physical form and the breath supported the code for life.

Breathing is a neurological and motor activity that acts as an integrator meaning it weaves together anatomy, thoughts, sensations, and chemistries on a physical level.

The breath is the fastest way to rebuild our image with new circuitry that develops our greatest potential; and It is only in our potential that contains creation in our life force.

Some of the practices and exercises I provide are:

   • Central Channel Breathing

   • The Fire Codes

   • Pranayama

   • Chakra Elevator Breathing

   • Thousand Tiny Straws

   • Fern Frond Breath

   • Emotional Body Scanning Breath

Being aware of your breath can be your biggest superpower, safety card, and healing tool you have.

“Between stimulus and response lies a space. In that space lies our breath, freedom, and power to choose a response. In our response lies our growth and happiness.”    -Viktor Frankl, Holocaust Survivor

Chakra Cleansing

If you have some insight on chakras but don’t know what chakra cleansing is – you’re not alone.

The chakras are circular energies of light that regulate the physical body and await spiritual activation.

One way to understand how the chakras work is to imagine your body as an apartment building. Your nervous system is the elevator shaft that delivers you on certain floors of the chakras.

If you arrive on a floor (Chakra level) and one of the apartment doors won’t open – it may feel blocked or has a barrier of interference or density. This can cause unbalanced energy, develop disease, or negative outcomes throughout your system.

The chakras have been described as “Wheels of Light.”

My job is to turn the handle and open the pathways that carry information and remove any unwanted energy – Most importantly train you how to find it.

We can use body scanning for this, pendulums, instruments, magnets, herbs, breath and body work.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can provide in-depth help if needed. This alternative solution helps to stimulate acupressure points to deal with stress, fear, and phobias.

EFT tapping falls into the category of body-centered therapies.

Tapping draws from the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture, which teaches the body’s energy travels along specific pathways. Certain points on these pathways are stimulated to improve the flow of energy by applying pressure.

Tapping procedures can differ slightly, but most use these locations:

   • The heel of the hand,

   • Three locations around the eye

   • The area below the nose

   • The area below the lips

   • The collarbone

   • The underarm

   • The top of the head.

From seven to nine taps are delivered on each spot with affirmations that are crucial for accomplishment. This self-help technique can assist you on your healing journey

How does Bioenergetic Synchronization or The Body Code work?

Modern science is just now beginning to acknowledge and understand the principles of healing energy work – that the physical body is influenced by both electrical and magnetic energy fields. When these powerful forces become imbalanced in their expression, disruption in the flow of well-being results. BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique or The Body Code is learning how to work with energy instead of working through the story of our lives, our history, and overcoming our limited beliefs that can navigate a new way of life.

We start by identifying blockages through a method called muscle testing. This determines if a homeopathic remedy can correct a meridian imbalance based on the patient’s electronic-resonance reaction. This is considered a form of biofeedback using kinesiology that analyzes the chemical, structural, and mental aspects of the body’s current state.

It takes into account the following key functions of the body:

     -Nervous system health

     -Neurolymphatic system

     -Neurovascular system

     -Cerebral-spinal fluid

     -Acupuncture meridians

Muscle testing is simply to understand where disconnection has occurred. This usually stems from emotionally experiences that are unresolved. When an emotional experience is magnified by the conscious mind, it has a short circuitry effect that a person has some sort of muscle resistance. This used to be analyzed by biomechanical and neurological functions including posture, ranges of motion, and physiological responses to physical, chemical, or mental stimuli.

A western approach to muscle testing (kinesiology) usually falls under acupuncture; which sends a direct message to the body using needles or electrical stimulation in certain areas of the body that forces energy to move and release faster.

Muscle testing creates a language through the central nervous system that pushes the reset button on circuitry using natural healing modalities. It identifies blocks with a somatic approach, directing energy with breathwork, and restoring communication that has been dispersed by stressful experiences. This healing starts from the inside out and releases an energy that no longer serves the mind, body, and soul.

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