Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a form of massage therapy centered around the idea that pressure points in the feet are directly connected to other areas of the body, including organs. It is designed to reduce pain and improve overall health. 

There are a couple of theories surrounding reflexology and its efficacy. They mainly focus on energy. It’s thought that energy within the body communicates freely through electromagnetic fields.

Sometimes, energy can feel blocked. Foot reflexology is thought to clear the path for better communication between the organs and the rest of the body’s energy fields. Another theory maintains that putting pressure on points in the foot during reflexology can help break up lactic acid crystals that stop energy flow.

During the session you will be offered to lay or sit on a reflexology table. As your Practitioner – I use my thumb or finger to apply pressure and make micro-movements over the pressure points. Also, I use specific movements to help improve blood circulation and energy flow within the body. Additional forms of relaxation may be employed to improve the experience, such as calming music, tuning forks, CBD, hot & cold stones, magnets, rolling instruments, aromatherapy, and stretching. Microdosing, cacao, and tea is optional.

I travel and have business where you can come to. The option is yours – I also provide 60, 75, and 90 minute sessions.

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