Goddess classes

This course highlights Goddess transformation with education on our feminine nature, standing in your power, spiritual evolution, and tapping into the energy of the feminine giants.

Dear Goddess,

From the soil to the stars.

Worshipers of truth, love and peace within the soul.

To the nonbelievers – To you, a believer.

Listen here.

Truth is we don’t need permission to own our power, however it’s empowering to have our uniqueness revealed so we may see our strengths.

What makes us female? Is it the nurturing way you love and show passion? What about your emotions that can be wild, intuitive, soft or nonlinear?

It’s ok to question. It is in our feminine nature to have drive, protect, awaken, and have a conscious calling. Every emotion is an element of admiration.

During the workshop you’ll learn:

• What feminine & masculine energies do you use

• Harnessing energies from your womb and honoring embodiment

• Creating boundaries and guiding healthy relationships

• Opening your Heart Coherence with the way we Love

• Learning from Mother Earth and her moon

• Opening your impactful female energy with past studies from Goddesses, Light Workers, and Women in power

• Earth elements to explore and integrate

• Break out groups, cacao, movement, flower altars and ceremonies included

If you are interested in knowing more about the curriculum and timeline.

Please contact me through my email: angelina.padron@icloud.com or through booking on the site.

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