Goddess classes

Launching in June I will host three in person courses that will last 90 minutes each. The last session we will have a ceremony where we will honor the cycle of the course.

What You’ll Learn:

Becoming an impactful female energy with past studies from Goddesses, Light Workers, and Women in power

• Where you use your femininity VS. masculinity in certain categories in life

• Harnessing energies from your womb and honoring embodiment

• Creating boundaries and guiding healthy relationships

• Opening your Heart Coherence with the way we Love

• Learning from Mother Earth and her moon

• Allowing yourself sacred space to explore and expand your beliefs system

These courses with include:

• Ceremonies with Cacao, music and dance

• Break out groups

• New community and relationships

• Flower altars

• Sound Healing

• Meditation

• Toning

And, so much more!

This course is about standing in our Goddess power, feminine nature, and the true light that we are. Fact is, empower a woman and you empower the world. And then, we’ll empower action. This course is about uncovering your inner Goddess while making the shifts that will become the seed of monumental development and evolved experiences.

My wish is to hold space for you to feel safe when others ask you to conform. To help you hold your beautiful Goddess presence when people attempt to silence you. To nudge you when you try to silence yourself. This space will call in your whole self and callout conscious awakenings.

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