grievances & new beginnings

Grief can feel like a slow-motion experience where time typically tempers its intensity.

The bereavement can encompass a range of emotions, behaviors, loneliness, and disconnection. The process of grief can feel foreign because of the unfamiliar pain that appears.

Grief wears many different hats, like:

• Death.

• Divorce or relationship breakup.

• Loss of health.

• Losing a job.

• Loss of financial stability.

• A miscarriage.

• Retirement.

• Friendship

During your first session, I ask a series of questions about your mindset, emotional & physical being, and respectfully ask about your spirituality.

This allows me to understand where your grief is taking priority; because grief can develop toxicity and sickness if it gets shelved, swallowed, numbed, or shut down. Your rite of passage is to access your humanness by sharing your story. This creates the map for healing.

After the intake comes your personal design for your program. With your approval the process can go a number of different ways with psychology, creating a ceremony, exercises, homework, and adding in new rituals. Whichever your case, I encourage you to honor your big transition on a path in an attuned manner.

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