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Grievance & New Beginnings

Grief can feel like a slow-motion experience where time typically tempers its intensity.

The bereavement reaction encompasses a range of emotions, behaviors, loneliness, and disconnection. Swath of grief isn’t slowing down but will place you on pause if you’re not honoring the 3D experience of mind, body, and breath. Grief is not foreign but a natural process. The fear, hurt and pain has made it unfamiliar in the mentalist world.

I guide, and train how to get in the body to release the swallowed, numb, shelved, and shut out grief that could cause sickness and toxicity. I design a plan of reconnection healing to show that you are the true priest and healer. Reconnection healing is training the intuition center with breath to allow or choose what we want for our true path. So, we can merge, take in, and become what we want for rebirthing to restore our landing strip for healing. The defensive mind doesn’t get to rob you anymore.

To teach the language of grief we need to invite ancestral ceremonies, traits, and clues of the mysteries. The poverty of spirituality is a lack of love or identifying the source of God, Light/Photon Energy, the Divine, Nature or Creative Intelligence; and, using the healing sequence of the core of time because it’s a direct statement of faith. We need to pull and redirect the spirit to use it for your highest good.

So far this might seem heavy or a lot of work, but it’s not. It’s rich like dark chocolate and it’s filled with wisdom. Building your intuition center sets up resilience for any situation because grief wears many hats. You can grieve a loved one, grieve a financial situation, grieve a relationship, grieve an injury or illness, grief of limitation, personal imprisonment, and more.

Your right of passage is to access your humanness by sharing your story so we can create the map for the training to start. To heal the body, you must be in it to rebuild the intuition center with curriculum and exercises. This will connect with your downloads and rhythm of life. Also, we will create a new ceremony for yourself to move through the situation and open your truth vibrating down to the bone. This includes Heartmath, SAVs, Energy Codes, and ancestral rituals with elements of the Earth and more! Open the door and the spirit will meet you from the other side.