House of Energy

House of Energy is an organization that serves as a resource to connect, inspire, and collaborate with those who share a common purpose in healing modalities and raising vibration.

We positively engage with Energy workers and energy curious folks to cross-pollinate consciousness and seed new insight on the world of healing. No matter what your heritage, religion, background, or opinion, we as one collective, show up to share knowledge, offer support, and help activate power that’s safe.

Our primary goal is to enable an energetic shift to expand the field of medicine that can only gap healing, not affect it. Because the truth is – Energy base methods make a difference. The way we gather matters. The ways we can support our community to assist with new workshops, retreats, or help you find a practitioner that can guide you to holistic well-being is one of our highest truths.

The House of Energy usually meets every season, however the people in our organization meet up weekly. There’s always an event going on in our group. If you head over to our Instagram you can tap on our story to see local gatherings daily. We are also planning a Practitioners Fair in 2023 to show our community the power of our work.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email or find us on Instagram. (Click icons below)

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