Psilocybin Golden Doors

Are you interested in Psilocybin? You’re in luck. I offer a delicious cacao bar that is 100% organic ingredients, beautifully ornate custom packaging and a blend of rare psilocybin mushrooms with adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms, everything about it is high end.

The APE (Albino Penis Envy) strain is noticeably more potent, cerebral and difficult to grow than the commonplace cubensis that most psychedelic mushroom cultivators are working with.

Thankfully, there is a handy dosing guide and the bar is scored to create nine even pieces to take the guesswork out of it and help you get on the exact level you want.

All of the bars are blessed, blended with roses to raise vibration, and based on the Grateful Dead. Each batch is handcrafted in California with love and the highest quality ingredients. Each Bar has 9 doses at 3.5g per package


We do have options for sales:

  -You can buy the bars individually

  -You can buy in bulk

  -We deliver

  -We also mail the chocolate with tracking and secure   mailing

  -We provide bars for individual sessions

  -We deliver and trip sit for retreats

  -The bars also make great gifts, we wrap them, and guarantee safe shipping

Whatever your choosing may be, we got you! Please head over to the booking page or contact page to get the fastest transaction.

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