Reiki is an energy practice involving the channeling and delivery of universal life energy, an animate energy found everywhere within and around us. The term reiki means “spiritually guided life energy.”

There are many forms and founders of Reiki. My personal treatments are designed uniquely where I will target charged energy with tools, drum instruments, stones, herbs, LED light therapy, flowers, smoke, bodywork, tuning forks, pyramid chimes, veritable healing, singing bowls, and magnets to remove frequency.

Keep in mind that if we remove something, you must place something back in. That’s where I will give you homework and a chart after each session to make sure you keep your vessel pure and the attunement sharp.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, acupoints are specifically chosen sites of acupuncture. Reiki is simply a practice that hits on these acupoints without piercing the skin with needles, but using sound, symbols, and frequency to remove unwanted energy by stimulating sections of the body. I use multiple tools and modalities to clear and rebuild energy because the body is designed to heal.

I would like to invite you to try the treatment to experience peace, inherited wholeness, and healing properties. Treatments can last up to 45-75 minutes depending on your intake and aftermath. Also, Reiki treatments can come with package deals and mixed modalities depending on what you approve.

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