Retreats & workshops

Welcome to The Healer’s Hub where we deliver retreats, workshops, ceremonies, and sessions based on Energetic Healing, Education, Community, and Support.

Each meetup or event is about bringing people together, circles, and communities to cross-pollinate consciousness and seed new insight. No matter what heritage, religion, or background, we, as one collective, will be open to counsel and guidance for a period of time for shifts, manifestation, and cleansing that has the power to develop support in your everyday life. To bring the power to create. Change. Create the change.

To arrange a retreat or pop ups, please schedule a call on the booking section.

But for those reading, looking for our next main event…

Coming the summer of 2022, I will be launching a series of classes where I’ll bring in healers, practitioners, and conscious guides to assist for the highest truth.

Fall of 2022, my goal is to launch a Healer’s Fair, Spiritual Carnival, or Health Gathering where a team of collective guides come together to have their own popups to show people their gifts and knowledge to welcome inclusiveness on another level.

Also, this event will have classes on Sound Healing, Yoga, The Energy Codes, Toning, and more!

Get in touch

Need help? Let’s talk! I am happy to answer any questions that may arise. Here’s how to get in touch with me: