Retreats & workshops

Let’s connect and align you in a workshop, retreat, ceremony, or we can create a program just for you.

Let’s go over the three models to figure out your intentions and the results you would like to receive.

The Conventional Model: Knowing

*Presentation, Passive Participation, Cognitive Objective

The conventional model usually is facilitated by conveying information quickly and efficiently. This type of program focuses on presentation and has the ability to engage the group, nurture creativity and deliver everlasting change.

The Experiential Model: Doing

*Exercises, Activate Participation, Behavioral Objectives

The experiential model is powerful because it touches on active participation and helps learners develop their own abilities with personal and relational skills. Embracing human imperfections with kindness by observing, trying, doing, failing, fixing, and eventually mastering. This type of model helps mindset, emotional, spiritual, and physical motivation.

The Transformation Model: Being

*Mind-Body Experiences, Self-directed Participation, Identity Objectives

The transformation model aims to embolden, support, uplift, and empower self-directed individuals and ignites group creativity through self-inquiry and cooperative inquiry. It has the greatest impact because it weaves together the experiential and conventional models with a holistic approach. It encourages curiosity and openness to explore the whole system – mind, body, heart, and spirit. Fostering self-awareness provides opportunities to make new meaning of self-worth and opportunities.

Each model can be used effectively depending on your intentions.

The question is this: What outcomes would you like to receive?

We can cherry pick the best modalities out there to make your retreat, workshop or event work for you.

Hot Topics:

  • Goddess Evolution

  • The Energy Codes

  • Course in Miracles

  • Cacao & Sacred Ceremonies

  • Breathwork – Anatomy & Mindset

  • Womb Healing & Childbirth Celebration

  • Food Ceremony, Ayurvedic Medicine

  • Chakras 1-12, Akashic Records & Soul Mapping

  • Manifestation

  • Gentle Movement

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