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Smudging and cleansing property or a person is vital for removing unwanted energies and spiritual hygiene.

Using high-quality sacred and ceremonial products are important for cultivating healing and positive outcomes; because every herb and situation should be ethically chosen like organic food without awakening unnecessary energies with the wrong herb.

When you light up your care with a cleanse – you’ll receive designed-for-you material, understand what herbs will be picked for your ceremony, and learn the science behind the smoke with good intentions and wisdom.

This can be used for:

-Selling or purchasing a home

-Business Cleansing for financial flow and abundance

-New birth welcoming cleansing

-Separation or divorce cleaning

-Illness or death

-Adding or losing employees

-Property cleansing from antiques or furniture with feng shui practices

-Argument cleansing

-Closet Cleansing

For a fresh cleanse I use tools, herbs, oils, and crystals that activates light and new beginnings.