Psychedelic Preparation

Have you been curious about trying Psychedelic Therapy? Are you wondering what you would embark on by trying Dimethyltryptamine, Psilocybin or Mother Ayahuasca?

Psychedelic Preparation Therapy is approached with caution as your health and safety take priority. To properly support your journey, we must cover your mental and physical state first.

The next step is to recover your blueprint and figure out “why are you choosing this path?”

Is it your intuition that’s calling for a shift? Is your inner traveler asking to see new realms? Or you could have seen a cool documentary that made you think, “this could be fun.”

What is your conscious communication? Your intentions? Your Motivations? Is there something that’s causing impulses? Are there memories swirling around that won’t disburse? Or have you lost your spirituality?

The foundation matters when you’re dealing with psychedelics because they are unpredictable and potent. The healing journey happens fast so we must be gentle on the arrival of your trip.

During your sessions we tap into:

   -Elevation questions to unfold your decisions

   -Choice of your elixir and dosing

   -Set and Settings

   -Clearing Subconscious Interferences

   -Knowledge of the Mysteries

  -Learn your mediation style for a safety card

  -Learn how to trust and receive

  -And, more!

The preparation process is truly about “Trust, Let Go, and Be Open” (or TLO). This psychedelic method is the ongoing time-tested mantra developed throughout science studies.

Through the healing process it may seem like a lot of work and most certainly can be challenging at times. However, there is a beautiful gift to be received with psychedelic therapy.

Please feel free to contact me to ask any information or schedule a complimentary call to see if this is for you. The resources are there.

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