emotion code®

The Emotion Code® is a technique used to remove emotional overloads that occur in the mind that become stored in the body. Somatic Psychology plays a huge role in this technique because we locate where the trapped emotion is. Using the term “trapped emotion” comes from the broadest terms – Meaning it’s not only what occurred from the experience, but what happened during the reaction.

Emotions like anger, sadness, love, judgment, enjoyment, or fear can get recorded in the body. It can come out with bodily disturbance, tightening, dysfunctional organs & glands, chemical imbalances, depression, or chronic stress.

A lot of emotional energy becomes purely visceral that connects on a subconscious level. This joggles with memories, imagination, and reaction that occurs in our daily lives. If the trapped emotion is not addressed – the body’s symptoms will remain blocked or easily remain sick.

To provide an agenda to heal, we must send the signal to receive. This training involves body scanning, peace processes, muscle testing, and conscious hypnosis.

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