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The Emotion Code®

The Emotion Code® provides the foundation of Energy Psychology using ancient and modern techniques. What research has proven is when an emotional overload occurs, some cannot fully process the experience where the process gets split within the mind and recorded in the body, which can cause sickness or develops mental illness. This practice is similar to acupressure where it works with electromagnetic energy to stimulate the body’s trapped emotions and energy flow.

Using the term trapped emotions, it’s in the broadest of terms, this includes not only what occurs from experiences that cause reactions, such as anger, sadness, judgmental enjoyment, or fear; but also, basic sensations that cause bodily disturbance like tightening, dysfunctional organs and glands, chemical imbalances, depression or chronic stress that gets recorded in the body.

A lot of this emotional energy is purely visceral, that is, originating in the body after the perception of an event. On a subconscious level – this builds an immediate sensory that joggles memories, imagination, and activates motor reverberations that can occur in response. If the intensity and duration of trapped emotions is unable to receive the needed consolation or validation; the body will remain blocked, and easily remain sick.

But there’s one catch – with the ability to mobilize energy brings a power to show up for symptoms, to provide an agenda to work with the invisible you and as the body receives the signal to heal, the mind will follow. It’s a muscle that can be trained and a tactic that can stay to process mostly any scenario.

As a result of my own personal work, along with many others with presentations in numerous theoretical papers and lectures, there is now much evidence to support this theory of trapped emotions.