When You Invest In Yourself, You Invest In Your Future. And When You Believe In Yourself, You Believe In Possibilities

The Journey

My ride has been interesting while I have developed a selective number of tools through experience and specialization in Somatic Psychology.

In an industry where you’re constantly integrating spaces together; I have learned as much as I love to teach others. What I have noticed is that I remain a student, because I strive for strategic ideas to push back for personal advancement. For me, creating sacred space has always come very natural whether it is one on one or at conferences, because I am very interested in activating full human potential.

I have developed a unique set of skills in energy anatomy starting fifteen years ago when I became certified in integrative breathwork through the American Heart Association. While teaching CPR and ACLS, I discovered that oxygen was the spirit in physical form and became curious on how that entangled in physical anatomy.

Fascinated with circuitry, I received a license at The American Reflexology Certification Board and served on a professional licensing board at Mayfield College to provide guidance to health care providers on integrative approaches on healthcare leadership.

This led to my Introduction of Psychology & The Science of Well-Being certifications from Yale University, my license in Bioenergetic Synchronization Technique and The Energy Codes through the Morter Institute, and now practicing as an Emotion Code® Practitioner from Discover Healing.

Sharing my life-changing awakenings and innovative approach to living has been one of my greatest joys. I went through my own personal traumas where I discovered downloads that I believe serve a purpose and shown proven results.

I hope I can share a moment with you, because my intentions are honest and realistic where I execute for wellness in wholeness.

Frequently asked questions


You are welcome to book a FREE consultation call to find out how a session, package, or workshop could work for you.

The intake process requires a questionnaire and together we create a plan for you. Everything will be approved by you before moving forward.


Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance, however I can provide you with weekly statements and invoices to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.


Different models of therapy require different timeframes. This conversation requires discussing some of the different models. Most common sessions are once a week or once a month.

The longer sessions are based on formats that require extra time for Somatic Psychoanalysis, or Psychedelic Preparation depending on the person’s need.

Those forms of therapy encourage more frequent or long-running meetings to allow a chance to try out new skills, while I lend support and observation.

I offer complementary calls on the booking page to get a sense of where to start or to answer more questions.


I have a home office located in Palm Desert, California. I also provide sessions via Zoom and by phone.


I can travel or come to you for retreats, workshops, ceremonies, and sessions if needed.


Results vary for each individual person. Understandably, those seeking therapy solutions want to understand the cost in time, energy, and money – and scope of the endeavor.

Each person may have their own definition of “the work.” One may explore sessions simply for perception, while another may be visiting to address chronic projects or conditions.

It truly is about how open and available you are to your investment towards self.


This business respectfully requests a 24 hours’ notice for cancellations.

Any cancellations made prior to this window are rescheduled. No-shows or cancellations made after the start of the session incur the full fee.

If you are late to the session – please notify and you can still attend.

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My Specializations

Somatic Psychology
Somatic Psychology

Somatic Psychology is a holistic therapeutic approach, incorporating a person’s mind, body, spirit, and emotion healing process. Proponents of this type of therapy believe thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs can have an impact on the physical being.

Psychedelic Preparation
Psychedelic Preparation

Have you been curious about trying Psychedelic Therapy? Are you wondering what you would embark on by trying Dimethyltryptamine, Psilocybin or Mother Ayahuasca? Psychedelic Preparation Therapy is approached with caution as your health and safety take priority. To properly support your journey, we must cover your mental and physical state first.

emotion code
The Emotion Code®

The Emotion Code® is a technique used to remove emotional overloads that occur in the mind that become stored in the body. Somatic Psychology plays a huge role in this technique because we locate where the trapped emotion is. Using the term “trapped emotion” comes from the broadest terms - Meaning it’s not only what occurred from the experience, but what happened during the reaction.

retreats & workshops
Retreats & Workshops

Let’s connect and align you in a workshop, retreat, ceremony, or we can create a program just for you.
Let’s go over the three models to figure out your intentions and the results you would like to receive.


The term Reiki means “Spiritually Guided Life Energy.”
Reiki is an energy practice involving the channeling and delivery of universal life energy; an animate energy found everywhere within and around us. Many different forms of Reiki exist. My personal treatments are designed uniquely where I target charged energy to remove or braid new energy....

goddess class
Goddess Class

This course highlights Goddess transformation with education on our feminine nature, standing in your power, spiritual evolution, and tapping into the energy of the feminine giants


Grief can feel like a slow-motion experience where time typically tempers its intensity. The bereavement can encompass a range of emotions, behaviors, loneliness, and disconnection. The process of grief can feel foreign because of the unfamiliar pain that appears.


Signing up for a coach is essential if you want to level up in any area of your life. It is a significant investment for professional performance, personal development, and emotional intelligence. The training from a coach is an art form because it requires practice in the way we respond to workplace culture, accomplish goals, challenges, and to become aware of biases and vulnerabilities.

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House of Energy
Founder Angelina Padron

House of Energy is a Coachella Valley Organization whose mission is to connect, inspire, and gather souls who are interested in Energy work.

Our forum holds a lot of different Practitioners, Gurus, Herbalist, Ritual Leaders, teachers, and the guardians that protect ancient information. To provide genuine information to those seeking wisdom and healing that embodies holistic well-being.

This practice also markets new events, promotes local workshops, and is planning a holistic health fair in 2023.

Angelina Is One Of The Founders Of The “Rooted In Three” Energy Mentoring Program & Community

The “Rooted in Three” Program and Community offers monthly workshops, seasonal ceremonies & a dynamic & supportive community focused on energy. It offers special webinars, discounts & free gifts for its members.  

“Rooted in Three” is for everyone, regardless of education or skill level when it comes to energy. It also doesn’t matter what age you are, what you do for a living, what kind of family you come from…we all have our own unique energy that we can explore in a grounded and meaningful way that can change our lives. All are welcome!

Get in touch

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